Life Experiences

Many people have told us over the years how they wished they could have known more about their loved ones. Now is YOUR opportunity to tell your friends and relatives YOUR story in a DVD interview. You can do your autobiography on DVD. We facilitate this by providing some guidance before the interview for you to think about during your taping. A typical taping lasts 30 minutes. During the editing process, we can add some still photos of you and of important events in your life, as well as music, titles and transitions. Each DVD is personalized for you!

  • Now is the time to tell "YOUR" story
  • Your loved ones want to hear it
  • It's a very positive and loving thing to do
  • This is a way for you to tell them how much you enjoy them in your life
  • It's a great way to convey encouragement to your loved ones in their lives

The DVD becomes an heirloom which our loved ones are always glad to have.

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