An exciting breakthrough in combining
video, animation and images

A videotage combines video, animation and photographs, (often humorously) in a new and exciting way! Our Town MultiMedia makes each Videotage uniquely yours.

Videotages can be for individuals and companies. It is used to make a video that commemorates special occasions, honors your colleagues and loved ones.


High school graduation

College graduation




Wedding / Honeymoon

Anniversary (10th, 20th ... 50th ...)

Children's Sports Seasons

Vacations / Holidays

Company Events

Videotages often include photos from birth till the present. We animate, add unique titles and transitions, and finish it by adding your favorite song as background music!

A Videotage comes on a DVD that can be played on a TV or computer. Upon request, it can also be put in a format that can be used on web pages or sent by email.

This is a true, one-of-a-kind keepsake!

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